(i) Preamble:

It is necessary that the student nurse’s health, conduct, theoretical performance and practical/clinical work remain satisfactory throughout the course. When a student nurse fails to reach and maintain the required standard in these areas, her course of training shall be terminated. Students are subject in all respects to conditions of training stipulated from time to time by the school in compliance with the School of Nursing, Mater Misericordiae Hospital Management and the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

The health of the student nurse is supervised throughout his/her training and medical attention is readily available when required. During the first month of stay in the school however, medical examination is conducted for each of the students. No certificate of fitness from any other institution is acceptable, except that from Mater Misericordiae Hospital. 

(ii)     Leave/Vacation/Absenteeism

The student nurse is allowed to go on twenty one (21) days (i.e three weeks) vacation annually, (End of 1st semester vacation, 1 week, and End of 2nd semester vacation, 2 weeks). She is not entitled to any ‘casual leave’, but could be granted five (5) days ‘compassionate leave’ (sick leave) during each year of programme. The later is at the discretion of the Principal and only in emergencies. If any leave period excluding annual leave granted a student nurse exceeds twenty one (21) days in a year, the period in excess should be made up before the training can be considered complete. Additionally, absence from classes/duty for any purpose, other than normal off-duty hours and annual leave, exceeding twenty one (21) days must be made up in full before training is considered complete. 

Continuous absence from school for three months excluding annual leave shall be considered as a ‘break’ in training, and that year of training must be completed in full before the training can be considered complete; that means the student is demoted to the class one year below. A student nurse having a break in training of 12 months or more shall be required to begin the course afresh. Likewise sick leave of a total over 21 days in one year shall be considered as a ‘break’ in training.

Additionally, the Nursing Council may determine the period to be made up by the student if her attendance in classes is unsatisfactory.

(iii)    Strikes/Industrial Actions:

Student nurses are not expected to participate in strikes/industrial actions. In the event of any strike, the training School/Hospital would arrange an alternative place for the students to continue classes and clinical experiences. Any student who absents herself from such alternative would be seen as having a ‘break’ in training and would be treated as such. If she is in her final year, she would not be allowed to sit for the final qualifying examination.

(iv)    Finances/Fees:

The student nurse is however expected to pay for his/her training to cover the following: tuition, matriculation, certificate verification, accommodation and feeding, medical examination, and Nursing Council items in her first year etc.

This amount reduces slightly in their second year, but goes up again in the third year because of the three types of Examination taken that year: viz: End of third year, pre-council, and the Nursing Council Final Qualifying Examinations.

Also in the second year, the students are posted out for their community experience and are expected to write and present two projects (Patients’ Care Studies and Nursing Research Project) as part of their final examination.


Allowances are paid in accordance with the student’s level of study and if he/she has completed the annual fees. Allowances are however not given while in PTS. No student who changes from another school to Mater Misericordiae Hospital, School of Nursing will be entitled to allowance until after three (3) months of admission and complete school fees paid.


Students are expected to pay for their treatment accordingly. Emergencies are however treated before payment can be made, and student settles the bill soon after. TISHIP (Tertiary Institutions Student Health Insurance Programme) when accredited will be used by the institution according to schedule.

Any student who is always on one kind of sickness or the other may be considered unfit for nursing and asked to withdraw. Any absence from classes or ward work for more then twenty one (21) days with or without sickness attracts suspension and demotion for one year. No student goes home at will for treatment without a referral note from the Medical Superintendent of the hospital.